The Brand

Adriana Guelfi Herrera is the dream of an artist who sought to translate the magic of Nature’s life cycles, into her jewels. Born of an interactive and conscious search within Nature, each piece is handcrafted by the artist. Most of them are one of a kind jewels, a faithful legacy of Nature.

Our jewellery pieces are Sterling silver, bronze, gold-plated, leather, wool, semiprecious and native stones, of extreme quality and craftsmanship.
Our packaging is handmade, from the hand-dyed cloth of our bags to the boxes made of native wood and handstamped with our brand name.

The Collection

Dead Nature…Alive is an ecosystem composed of small collections inspired by Nature. Some of them are born from dead elements from Nature; others vibrate with the life colours of incredible flowers.
In this cycle in which life dies… only to be reborn and live again… we can appreciate the magic and wonder of creation.

The Artist

ADRIANA GUELFI HERRERA/ Jewellery Designer/ Handcrafter
Founder of Adriana Guelfi Herrera: Jeweller by Nature /2016

Milan Design Week/ DinDesign by Artistar/ April 2019
“Urban”/ Autoría/ Buenos Aires/ Oct 2014
“Nature Dead… Alive” / Gallery 6280/ Montevideo/ Sept 2016
Leading Designer/ Flur Market Launch/ Montevideo/ March 2017

Special Mention “National Crafts Prize” / Nov 2018
Winner “Designers Pop Up”/ Punta Carretas Shopping/ Montevideo/ Sept 2018
Winner “MoWeek-MIEM”/ Montevideo Fashion Week/ Montevideo/ Oct 2018

Atelier Agathe St. Girons/ París / Nov 2017
María Medici Jewellery Design School /Buenos Aires/ March 2012 to Dec 2014
Atelier Gastón Zina/ Montevideo/ 2008 to 2011

MS in Packaging Design/ Pratt Institute/ New York/ Sept 1995 to May 1997
Tech in Social Comm/ Catholic University/ Montevideo/ March 1990 to Dec 1994

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